Abbott Molecular Inc.

Greg Morehouse

Medical Writer II, Molecular Diagnostics
Abbott Molecular Inc.

Greg Morehouse has been a scientific communicator and educator for over 10 years, the last 3 of which have been spent as a regulatory medical writer at Abbott Molecular in Des Plaines, IL. As a regulatory medical writer, his primary area of expertise is in preparing submissions to regulatory authorities in the US, EU, and other nations in support of in vitro diagnostic medical devices. In addition, Greg’s publication record from his time in academia as an physical organic chemist includes authorship of scientific publications in journals such as Science and Nature Chemistry, and he has more than a passing familiarity with both the pharmaceutical and material science industries from his work prior to his contributions in academia. Greg’s passion for effective scientific communication also extends to his 5 years of experience in developing and delivering pedagogical materials and instruction in disciplines like general and organic chemistry, physics, and computer science within both secondary and higher education contexts. With such a breadth of experience, Greg has found that these opportunities have enabled him to cultivate a unique perspective on the skills and behaviors necessary to succeed as a medical writer and scientific communicator, and he is excited for this additional opportunity to share his insights with you.

Greg Morehouse’s Session(s)

— 11:15 am
Collaborative Editing: Avoiding the “Too Many Cooks” Phenomenon AND Meeting Stakeholder Needs

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